Welcome to the home page of the Black Hill Primary School wiki. This wiki is for the staff of Black Hill Primary School, Australia, to promote the use of ICT and eLearning at our school.

August 4: I have added a page about Super Clubs that we are starting very soon.

Black Hill Primary School
Black Hill Primary School

What is a wiki?
A wiki is a web site that lets others join in to create and edit the content. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. Wikis are always changing as people add to it. The famous example is Wiki-pedia, which is an online encyclopedia with millions of contributors and editors. The word "wiki" comes from Hawaiian language, meaning "quick" or "fast."

Click on the Navigation links to go to other pages. When you have made your own class wiki, put a link to it on this site. To do this, however, you'll need to join this wiki so that I can give you editing rights. Simply click on "Join this Wiki" under Actions.

As the manager of this wiki I can accept you, but also 'lock' any pages so that you can't change (including delete) those pages. A useful feature for your grade's wiki. You'll be able to allow the students to edit some pages but not others. You can also view a page's history to see who did what, and to undo any major accidental deletions.

Remember, wikis are a great way to promote 21st century skills. This means they should be used interactively to achieve the full benefit for the students. Here's a link to the Did You Know? clip that we showed last year to remind about the bigger picture.

Here's a wonderful wiki called CR 2.0 (Classroom) which is about Web 2.0 technology and collaborative teaching. Lots of resources, lesson plans and ideas to 'springboard' from.

Calvin Tromp